Senior Friendly Home Care Project (Dreamweaver)


A Screen shot from the Senior Friendly Home Care Project

Senior Friendly Home Care was a project designed using Dreamweaver MX. The Senior-Friendly Home Care website can help you set-up your home so that it is safe for a relative or loved one who has physical health challenges.

Features of the Project

  • Goals and Objectives - The goals and objectives of the site are explained
  • Task Analysis - Step by Step tasks of the users was drawn as a flowchart before the site was designed
  • Systematic Process - The users go through a systematic process of Overview, Information, Self Check and Feedback
  • Self Check - The website users have a self check opportunity as they assess their homes
  • Feedback - Feedback is given to the users after the self check
  • Clean design - The site was designed to make sure it looks clean and nice

An executable version of the project is available here - Senior Friendly Home Care (Click on the link)