ABC of HTML (Print Design Project)


A Screen shot from the ABC of HTML Project

ABC of HTML was a text design project designed using Microsoft Word. It has been designed for the beginners in HTML and the major goal of the program is to teach them to create a web page using the document tags, formatting tags and to create links using HTML.

Features of the Project

  • Goals and Objectives - The goals and objectives of each unit are mentioned
  • Review and Practice Activities- Each of the four lessons in the text have review and practice activities for the learners
  • Assessment - There is also an assessment which is well aligned with the objectives and with practice
  • Field Test - The ABC of HTML Student guide was field tested with around 25 students and the revisions were implemented
  • Student Guide and Instructor Guide - ABC of HTML does not only have a student guide, but there is also an instructor guide which guides the instructors to teach from

An executable version of the project is available here - ABC of HTML (Click on the link)