Human Peformance Technology (TUHSD)


The HPT Model

HPT for TUHSD (Project Purpose) - The purpose of this project was to assist TUHSD in identifying potential barriers to effective design and development of 20 online high school courses. Previously, TUHSD had been named a provider of Technology Assisted Project Based Instruction (TAPBI), which required it to provide a “variety of educational methodologies employed by the school and the means of addressing the unique needs and learning styles of targeted pupil populations. TUHSD wished to identify strategies leading to optimal implementation of the program. As the program was only just beginning, the project was oriented to help prevent potential performance problems, rather than correct any current performance deficiency.

Executive Summary the Project - The Tempe Union High School District (TUHSD) prides itself on the excellence of its teaching and in the achievement of its students. Recently having been named a provider of Technology Assisted Project Based Instruction (TAPBI) in the state of Arizona, TUHSD faced a new challenge: to create 20 effective, online high school courses by the Fall of 2004.

Successful deployment depends in large measure on the ability of the teachers of those courses to effectively design and develop the instructional content. Therefore, TUHSD must ensure that the teachers who are to design, develop, and teach the new courses are sufficiently trained, prepared, and supported in their work.

To help identify factors that might prevent teachers from meeting the challenge, a team of human performance technology students from Arizona State University worked closely with TUHSD during a two-month period in the fall of 2003 as the TAPBI program began. The report that follows documents the data collection methods we employed, our findings and subsequent recommendations for attaining success.
The findings and recommendations are briefly summarized.

A copy of the report which was submitted to AECT is linked here - HPT for TUHSD (Click on the link)