Evaluation - Computer Literacy Course


The ADDIE Model - Evaluation is one of the Phases of the ADDIE model

Evaluation of Computer Literacy Course was an evaluation project done to check for the helpfulness of instructional strategies and the usefulness of instructional content taught in the course.

Abstract of the Evaluation Project

The participants in the evaluation were the students, instructors and coordinator of the course EDT 321. 444 students of EDT 321 were surveyed and 25 students from five different classes were interviewed in five focus groups . All the 11 instructors teaching this course were surveyed. Five instructors were interviewed. The co-coordinator of the course was interviewed. Five classes were observed and the course material was analyzed. The quiz and midterm scores were analyzed to find the students performance on different topics taught.

From the survey and interview results, it was found that all the topics taught were useful to the students. The student’s confidence level in the skills taught has increased at the end of the semester compared to the beginning of the semester. Among the different teaching strategies used, hands on projects and inclass activities were found to be more helpful to the students, where as the research forums and the ITF modules were not helpful at all. The lectures with the powerpoint presentation were considered to be too long, and the quizzes very detailed. Some of the projects such as excel and webpages needed more demonstrations than lectures. More of collaborative activities were preferred to make the classes more interesting. On the whole, the entire instructional material was liked by both the students and the instructors, but some suggestions were made for improvement.

A copy of the paper is available here - Evaluation (Click on the link)