Projects at Cisco Learning Institute (CLI)


Due to confidentiality reasons, the project screenshots/specifics are not displayed.

Created Process Worksheets for the ADDIE Process (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation).

A research document on quick start to Web Surveys was created.

Two web based courses were created
1) Design and Development of "Administering CLI Virtuoso Authoring Management and Delivery"
2) Design of CLI Virtuoso™ Understanding Course Themes, Development and Assembly

Features of the Project

  • Goal and Objectives identified
  • Task Analysis flowchart drawn
  • The course was storyboarded in word before its development in CLI Vituoso
  • Development was done, where the content from storyboards were inserted into CLI Virtuoso tool which was the Learning Management System used
  • Resuable Learning objects were identified during course development