Paintingworld Project (Authorware)


Two Screen shots from the Painting World Project

Painting World was a project designed using Authorware 6.5. Four different painting styles (Renaissance, Cubism,Impressionism and Art Nouveau) anf four different painters (Vinvi, Van Gogh,Picasso, and Klimt) and their works are being taught in this project in the form of a computer based lesson.

Features of the Project

  • Goals and Objectives - The goals and objectives of each section of the module are explained.
  • Interactive Practice - The learners have an opportunity to practice using multiple choice items and drag and drop items
  • Concept Maps - Concept Maps are drawn for the learners to review what they learned
  • Assessment - A final quiz has been designed for the learners to test their knoweldge
  • Rich Multimedia - Rich graphics and Sound have been used to design this project

An executable version of the project is available here - Painting World (Click on the link)